Our Menu


  • Ayamase Bowl (HOT)


    Assorted meat dish mixed with onions, green herbs and spices.
    Dish does not include rice or choice of starch.

  • Egusi Soup


    A delectable soup thickened with the grounded egusi seeds and fried with palm oil.

  • Edikaikong


    A lively dish made from a variety of indigenous leafy green vegetables.

  • Ogbono


    Delicious soup thickened with Ogbono seeds.

  • Efo Riro


    A rich, savory vegetable soup

  • Banga/ Palm Nut Soup


    A savory pounded palm fruits broth

  • Bitter Leaf Soup


    Delightful soup cooked with bitter leaves, assorted meats, stock
    fish, smoked fish and thickened with cocoyam.
    (boiled and pounded)

  • Peanut Butter Soup


    Savory, peanut based rich and flavorful soup

  • Goat Pepper Soup


    Assorted goat meat, peppers and seasoning.

  • Light Soup


    A lightly seasoned soup cooked with meat or fish

  • Cassava Leaves


    Cassava Leaves cooked with chicken, beef and palm oil

  • Okra Soup


    A chopped okra rich soup, cooked with palm oil

  • Potato Leaf


    Classic dish of beef or fried fish cooked with sweep potato greens, in a hot sauce